... Every person has the duty to protect the natural resources of the United Republic of Tanzania …” Article 27 of The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania

As custodians of our natural inheritance, what gives us the right to hunt is the continuous commitment to protect and conserve the wildlife and its habitat for future generations. We should never forget this moral obligation and we certainly haven’t. Our hunters generate the needed incentive and funding for our determined and successful anti-poaching efforts.

For us sustainable hunting is wildlife conservation.

Few hunting companies in Tanzania can match the successful anti-poaching track record and wildlife population recovery achieved in the concessions that Michel Mantheakis currently manages or those he managed in the past. It is not a matter of just spending money in anti-poaching, as one can easily spend the money and not have the results. It takes a passion for conservation with dedication and enthusiasm to create the best results, and we are very proud of our staff and our achievements!

We started our full-time anti-poaching efforts in December 2012 in cooperation with the Lukwati/Piti Game Reserve Authority who provide 2 to 4 armed Game Scouts per team.  In 2014 we bought 2 boats and started a second all year round joint anti-poaching team to deal with the poachers coming from across the Lake Rukwa which we boarder for 40 km. The determined efforts of our 2 teams have brought poaching down from previously alarming levels to negligible levels, and in just 7 years our successes are phenomenal and the Wildlife has increased tremendously.

In Lake Natron West GCA and Longido GCA we have 2 full time all year round anti-poaching teams and each team has 2 armed Anti poaching Unit Game Scouts or District Game Scouts and we can honestly say we have controlled poaching to be a rare occurance.

Without our hunting clientele none of this would have been possible, and we thank them for all their support and their patronage!

"All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke