The opportunity to hunt all three of these great concessions in one hunt offers you not only the widest selection of Masai species anybody can offer, but also offers good trophy quality in highest success rate and availability of game while enjoying the most stunning and diverse landscapes.

Lake Natron West starts at the top of the Great Rift Valley bordering the Ngorongoro Crater highlands and drops into the spectacular open plains dotted with plains game and dominated by the towering “O’ldonyo Lengai” (the legendary Masai "Mountain of God"). This still active volcano stands next to “Kiserian”, which is another striking volcano. From there, the concession descends over undulating plains to the shores of Lake Natron, a soda lake teeming with flamingoes. It then runs along the western shores all the way to the Kenyan border. This concession is so awesome it's a real bonus for a non-hunting participant as well. 

From spectacular viewing points, magnificent waterfalls, dramatic rift valley escarpment, rich local culture, fossilized footprints, multitude of volcanoes and volcanic features, to endless undulating plains, barren soda flats and the lake filled with pink Flamingos.

Longido GCA and Enduimet WMA border each other and are hunted from our Longido Camp. These 2 superb Masailand hunting concessions are 578sq km (223sq mile) and 600sq km (231sq miles) and located in northern Tanzania bordering with Kenya. The areas start on the Kenya border then extends south towards Arusha on the eastern side of the Arusha Nairobi road, and is dominated by the impressive 2,629 metre (8,625 feet) Longido Mountain in the center. It is surrounded by mostly gentle rolling Acacia woodlands with belts of thickets and open plains. Longido Mountain start with woodland slopes that turn to thicket and then into cool condensation forest at the top. Both Longido and Enduimet are enriched being part of the dispersal area of the world famous Amboseli National Park in Kenya that is very close by. 

Our Longido Camp has views of Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru; in our Natron area our camp is called Lengai and has an open view of Oldonyo Lengai (Masai mountain of God), Kirimas Mountain and the Rift Valley. Our Pinini camp is in a steep gorge of the Pinini river that runs all year round and has a road up Oldonyo Sambu Mountain to a spectacular view point overlooking Lake Natron and the Great Rift Valley. 

Our flagship hunt is the14-day safari package (based on a 21-day license) and is a collector’s dream, as it offers more antelope species on one hunt than any other outfitter and in good trophy quality and richer experience. Each hunter gets to hunt all 3 camps for a few days namely; Lengai, Longido and Pinini,. Each having a distinctly different setting, vegetation, terrain and game, making your trip an even more spectacular and unforgettable experience.

For those who are fit and wanting to revive the magnificent safari experience of a bygone era, of exploring and hunting this stunning landscape on foot? A small caravan of donkeys loaded with light camping equipment, water and your trophies will be following your hunting party at a respectable distance together with our professional camp staff and escorted by Masai warriors. Your camp will change location every day or two in order to reach new hunting grounds that have not yet been picked over. Combining great trophy hunting with the romance and adventure of foot safaris is an unforgettable experience and will make you yearn to repeat the safari.

Bird hunters can enjoy great wing shooting opportunities for several species of Quail, Sand Grouse, Dove, Francolins and Guinea Fowl, which enhances the experience of hunting these very special areas.

Being in close proximity to Arusha allows for an inexpensive, beautiful transfer by car to camp. Last, but not least; with the best game viewing parks in Africa, namely Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks in the near vicinity, Lake Natron West GCA , Longido GCA  and Enduimet WMA offer you a great opportunity to combine top quality game viewing with your hunting safari, and most of our clients take advantage of this oportunity.

This undeniably is the ideal hunting and holiday destination you want to share with friends and family and even young children.